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How long do squirrel live? Squirrels live between two and twenty-four years on average. However, this can vary from species to species. It all depends on the squirrel’s environment, whether they are wild or in captivity.

How Long Do Squirrel Live?

Squirrels live between two and twenty-four years on average. The life expectancy of each species varies. Some species are more resilient than others due to their genetic makeup and location.

Where do Squirrels live?

There are three types of squirrels: ground, flying, and tree. Tree squirrels live in burrows built within trees or nests between branches. Ground squirrels live naturally in the ground in burrows that they dig out.

Flying squirrels are an exceptional case. Some live in holes in trees while others build nests. Others live in new places every night to avoid predators. This is a great survival strategy because they can quickly move between trees using their “wings.”

Does Diet Affect a Squirrel’s Lifespan?

Omnivores are squirrels that eat meat, veggies, and almost anything else they can find. They love fruits, fungi, and seeds. However, they also enjoy insects and eggs.

How Long do Squirrel live

In preparation for winter, squirrels will bury lots of food and steal from other people’s storage spaces.

Squirrels enjoy eating and eat an average of one pound per week.

Are Squirrels Protected?

California, for example, requires a permit to trap squirrels. Hunting game animals require a hunting license. Most states require that you obtain a license to hunt squirrels.

Many states consider gray and red squirrels game animals that are allowed to be hunted for food.

Squirrels in the United States are not protected under US law. It is illegal to remove them from their natural habitat or kill them without permission.


How long do squirrel live? Squirrels live between two and twenty-four years, but this depends on the species and environment. Squirrels live in trees and the ground and can also fly. They love food and eat an average of one pound per week. They hibernate in winter with lots of food. Although they are not protected in all states, squirrels are illegal to be killed. Grey and red squirrels are game animals that are hunting animals hunt.

Squirrel Lifespan Factors

Below are some factors that affect squirrel lifespans:

1. Male or female

In terms of life expectancy, there isn’t much difference between males and females. There are, however, some differences in their behavior. Male squirrels are more aggressive than their female counterparts, and they tend to fight for dominance in matters of territory. This is most evident in the American Red Squirrels. There are also differences in their mating behavior. Females only mate twice per year, while males can mate at any time. Multiple males may try to mate with one female.

2. Wild vs. Captivity

Wild squirrels live longer than those kept as pets. Because they have water and food and are protected from predators, captive squirrels and pet squirrels can live in the wild. They don’t have to worry about finding a partner. Captive squirrels can become bored or stressed and may have a shorter life expectancy.

3. Food/Diet

Squirrels can eat various plants and nuts, but they are primarily herbivores. They will eat small reptiles like small snakes and eggs and enjoy insects. The location they live in has a significant impact on their diet. The Southern Flying Squirrels consume mainly insects, while the American Red Squirrels prefer to eat plants and nuts. Squirrels will be at their most active looking for food between dawn and dusk when they are least disturbed.

4. Parasites and Diseases

Many parasites and diseases can be transmitted to squirrels. The most common are fleas, mange, and rabies. Lyme disease and squirrel pox are also common. You can also catch parasites like mites or ticks. Parasites or diseases can cut down a squirrel’s lifespan.


How long do squirrel live? Squirrels  live between two and twenty-four years on average. However, this can vary from species to species. It all depends on the squirrel’s environment, whether they are wild or in captivity.

We will be discussing some of the factors that affect lifespan, including male or female, diet, diseases, and the living environment for squirrels.

Life Expectancy of Squirrels across Species

Different species of squirrels have different life expectancies. Here’s a quick look at the life expectancy for each species:

1. Grey Squirrels Lifespan

Grey squirrels live for about six years in nature but can live up to 20 years in captivity. These variations can be explained by different factors like diet and environmental conditions. Grey Squirrels, also known as Eastern Gray Squirrels, are often found in the wild and deal with predators and changes in seasons. Those in captivity are protected against these dangers.

2. American Red Squirrels Lifespan

The life expectancy for this squirrel is up to ten years in captivity and two to five years in the wild. The American Red Squirrel can be found across North America, from Alaska to Newfoundland. European Red Squirrels are also found in Europe.

3. Fox Squirrels Lifespan

The lifespan of this squirrel is three to five years wild and approximately ten years in captivity. From Virginia to Texas, the Fox Squirrel can be found across North America. They are found in deciduous forests, nesting in tree cavities and buildings.

4. Black Squirrels live a long time.

The Black squirrel is a Fox Squirrel type and has a life span of between three and five years in the wild and even longer in captivity. Black squirrels are a Fox Squirrel. They are more resistant than other squirrel types to parasites and diseases.

5. Southern Flying Squirrels: Lifespan

The lifespan of Southern Flying Squirrels is between two and five years. They can live as long as ten years in the wild. The Southern Flying Squirrel, the smallest of all three types of squirrels, is the smallest. They are found in North America, Central America, and South America.


How long do squirrel live? Squirrels live between two and twenty-four years, but this depends on the species of squirrels and environmental factors. There are many species of squirrels with different life expectancies.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions related to the article How long do squirrel live:

1. Do squirrels remember humans?

Although squirrels born in the wild can be a bit aloof, they seem to be able to recall their human hosts. Sometimes they will even return to their human saviors. Squirrels will often return to the same food source repeatedly.

2. Do squirrels leave gifts?

It is known that squirrels, crows, and other animals have left “gifts” to humans who have shown kindness to them. It’s known as reciprocal altruism in the animal business. Biologists believe that the animals are not actually thanking us but just doing a little bit of tit for the tot in anticipation of getting more.

3. Do squirrels know you feed them?

Squirrels are very fond of food and have a great memory. Squirrels are wild and do not need attachment. Research has shown that squirrels can remember their human caregivers, mainly if they are orphaned and raised by humans.

4. Are squirrels friendly?

Few wild animals will approach humans if they aren’t trusting. However, squirrels are usually friendly. Squirrels are used to living close to humans. Some will even eat right from their hands!

5. Are squirrels good pets?

You may have a squirrel in your yard or nearby. Squirrels are cute to watch and make great pets. Squirrels can be a nuisance and can’t be kept as pets.

6. Are squirrels smart?

Squirrels can be brilliant. Squirrels are adept at deceiving others by putting on elaborate fake food burial displays. They use fake burials to fool potential thieves such as birds and squirrels into believing that they have stored food there.

7. How do you know if a squirrel likes you?

Squirrels are curious creatures and will approach you if you make sounds similar to theirs. They will eventually approach you and become more excited to see you if you are patient and have been practicing patience.

8. Is it okay to touch a squirrel?

Squirrels should be handled only by trained professionals who have the necessary skills to handle wild animals. Although petting a squirrel might seem a loving, caring gesture, it may not reach the animal.

9. Do squirrels sleep together?

Squirrels use this nest to sleep at night and when they aren’t out foraging for food. Flying squirrels build nests of bark and grass in holes cut into trees. These nests will keep them warm during winter.

10. Can squirrels bite?

Squirrels’ teeth are constantly growing, so it is essential to keep them gnawing. These pests can chew through plastic, rubber, wood, and metal, leading to painful bites that cause bleeding.


How long do squirrel live? Gray squirrels live a mean life expectancy of 1-2 years at birth. Adults have a life expectancy closer to 6 years. Maximum life expectancy records for gray squirrels are 12 years wild and 24 years in captivity.

Squirrel species have a different lifespans. Although they are protected, it is illegal for them to be killed. There are very few factors that can affect the lifespan of squirrels.

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