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This style of lock is straightforward but dependable. It has a cylinder body and a flat rotating arm that may be rotated with a key to link a door frame and a door leaf, which locks the door. The body of the lock has a cylindrical shape. Cam locks typically rotate between 90 and 180 degrees, and they may be used to secure a broad range of storage containers and other access points. Cam locks can also be used to lock and unlock several doors.

The following is a list of few of the possible applications for cam locks by Selectlok:

Windows And Doors

To prevent it from being opened without permission, you can have a cam lock attached to the handle of a residential window or garage door. When looking for a lock that can serve this purpose, it is advisable to go for one that is waterproof because these kinds of locks are more durable and will survive longer in these kinds of environments.


The installation of a cam lock is recommended for storage cabinets and cupboards, particularly those that house expensive objects. Whether you are a collector or own property with significant sentimental or monetary value, maintaining the safety of those items should, of course, be a top priority. It should also be a priority to keep medicines, chemicals, and other potentially harmful substances out of reach, which is very simple to accomplish.


It is most possible that your desk drawers contain confidential material as well as personal information that is extremely vital to keep locked up and secure. Cam locks are particularly well-liked for these applications because they are unobtrusive and can be installed on a variety of different surfaces, ranging from little ones to bigger ones.

Pigeon Holes And Post Office Boxes

Installing a cam lock onto the mail container or securing pigeon holes in this manner will add a much-needed element of security. If your home or place of business needs to keep their company’s correspondence safe or documents passed internally between staff members from falling into the wrong hands, installing a cam lock onto the mail container or securing pigeon holes in this manner will do so. Again, if the entry to your mailbox is in a location that is exposed to the elements, you should look for a lock that is waterproof to extend its useful life.

Cash Registers

There is a good chance that a cam lock was used to secure the till or cash register if you have ever taken a close look at one of these devices. It is not uncommon for vending machines and other asset management systems to make use of this form of security gear. It’s not difficult to understand why this is the case given that many contemporary cam locks are intended to be impossible to pick.


Cam locks are widely used in educational institutions, including schools and universities, as well as gyms, because it is simple to attach them to containers such as lockers. Because they are exceptionally strong when screwed into metal, they are an excellent choice for this application. If the questionable locker is going to be used to keep items that are likely to get wet from the weather, such as jackets or bags, or if it is going to be put in an area that functions as a gym or a swimming pool, waterproofing is once again a fantastic idea.

Autos And Vans

Cam locks are used by many owners of motor vehicles to secure a wide variety of items, including trailers, fuel caps, caravan doors, roof boxes, and lots of other components. There is a large selection of strong models that can be purchased, all of which not only meet but also exceed the specifications necessary for this task.

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