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Finding a job you like that offers enough growth to be worth the investment of time and work you’ll put into it is a delicate balancing act. If you’re in Knoxville and want to find work that will make you feel valued: these are the biggest industries to consider.

Each of these employers has set itself apart, so your choice should be easier!

How is Knoxville’s Job Market?

Knoxville’s job market took a big hit during 2020 and in a couple of years since then, but it’s currently rebuilding itself into something fantastic. This means you can enjoy being a part of a growing industry and watch your community as it flourishes from this.

1. Corporate Work With Companies Like Regal Cinemas

Although working in the cinemas themselves can be nice, working in Regal Cinema’s offices to help with anything from advertising to customer service can be an awesome way to help ensure people stay entertained.

Working in any corporate office usually means you have a better chance at growth in your career, and you don’t have to worry about your shifts changing and your duties swapping day to day like you would in retail.

2. Healthcare with Companies like TeamHealth

Healthcare is a big deal in Knoxville’s economy! From CovenantHealth to TeamHealth, you’ll find a company that speaks to your needs and interests while also paying handsomely. These are businesses that prize education, attention to detail, and loyalty to the company, which means if you have all of these, they’ll be eager to hire you. This is also reliable work since healthcare is one line of work we’ll always need.

3. Government Work Through Knox County

If you want a well-paying job you can depend on so you can eventually buy some Knoxville real estate, it’s time to consider working for your local government. This line of work allows you to give back to your community and get more in touch with the people who live here while also making a reliable and steady income.  

Working through any government sector means you get most holidays off, great pay, and a reliable workplace you don’t have to worry about losing. This is the best choice for anyone who wants stability. 

Is it Worth Moving to Knoxville for Work?

Yes! If you’re looking for somewhere to move that offers all of the perks you could want without the high prices and expenses most cities come with, it’s time to check out Knoxville. This amazing city has a low cost of living, a great housing market, and a lot of jobs in almost any field you could want.  

After you get off work, you can enjoy the amazing nightlife and beautiful nature that fills this area. There’s truly no city that can compete with everything Knoxville has to offer.

Knoxville is Awesome for Job Seekers!

Knoxville gives you a chance to find a job you enjoy doing that pays well and allows you to grow in the role. If you’re ready to find your dream job: consider one of these industries! 

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