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Between the many options for purchasing large-ticket items, such as electronics, luxury goods, appliances, or travel reservations, shopping through the Bajaj Finserv Network is the most efficient. 

This is because it allows you to spread the cost over a longer period of time, reducing the impact such expenses can have on your personal finances. 

In some cases, shopping on No Cost EMIs allows you to enjoy zero down payments, further enriching your shopping experience. You only need an active EMI Network Card to make a purchase on No Cost EMIs.

Bajaj card blocked due to a credit policy 

If your card has been blocked, it is critical that you initiate a Bajaj Insta EMI card unblock request as soon as possible. However, in addition to learning how to unblock the EMI Card, you should also understand why it was blocked in the first place. A few occasions that may lead to deactivation are described below, along with instructions on the process of unblocking

Failure to process an ECS mandate

An ECS Mandate authorizes the direct debit of EMIs from your bank account. This is required in order to keep your EMI Network Card active and avoid late payments. Reissue the mandate and submit it to the nearest Bajaj Finserv branch if the ECS mandate processing fails. Your Bajaj insta EMI card will then be reactivated within 45 days.

Missed EMI payments missed

If your EMIs have bounced due to insufficient funds in your account, you must repay your debts in order to have your Bajaj insta EMI card unblocked. This payment can be made in the following ways:

  • Visiting a Bajaj Finserv branch near you
  • Accessing the Bajaj Finserv website

Failure to keep a CIBIL score of 750

If at all your CIBIL rating falls below 750 over time, your EMI Network Card may get deactivated. To unblock it, you must do the following:

Pay your past-due bills

Send us a revised credit report that shows an increase in score.

Once you’ve determined the reason for your Bajaj Insta EMI card’s blockage and are ready to unblock it, you can do so online through our customer portal, Experia.

How to Unblock the Bajaj Insta EMI card Using Experia Online

Here are the steps to start the Bajaj Insta EMI card unblocking procedure on Experia:

  • Access the customer portal.
  • Enter your customer ID or mobile phone number.
  • Select whether you want to receive an OTP on your registered mobile number or enter your password.
  • Select ‘EMI Network Card’ from the ‘My Relations’ menu.
  • Select ‘View All,’ and then ‘EMI Card Details.’
  • To proceed, select the ‘Block/Unblock/Reissue’ option.
  • Follow the unblocking procedure outlined.
  • Remember to include your customer ID and card number.

A new customer’s application for a card

By following a few simple steps, a new customer can also apply for the Bajaj insta EMI   Card.

  • Visit the website of Bajaj Finserv.
  • Go to the page for the EMI Card.
  • Provide your contact information, including your phone number and date of birth.
  • To proceed, double-check your pre-approved limit.
  • Verify and confirm your KYC information.
  • Pay a small joining fee to activate your EMI Card.


Apply for Bajaj Insta EMI card offline is quick and easy. You are eligible to apply if you meet the following criteria:

To apply for an EMI Network Card offline, you must be between the ages of 21 and 60.

You must have a consistent source of income.


To obtain an EMI Network Card offline, you must submit the following documents:

  • PAN number
  • Address verification
  • Cheque canceled


You can shop for the latest electronics and more at the Bajaj Mall with the EMI Network Card. Shop from the comfort of your own home on 0% EMIs.

Use the EMI Card to purchase all of your favorite gadgets and electronic appliances from their partner stores, which include Vijay Sales, Croma, Reliance Digital, and others. Our lifestyle partners also offer EMI on furniture, gym equipment, professional courses, and much more. Get additional benefits such as home delivery, no down payment, doorstep demo, and so on.


Now that you know how to unblock your Bajaj Insta EMI card, keep in mind that the process can take up to 70 days, depending on the infraction. Following that, you can resume shopping on one of India’s largest EMI Networks at a low cost. Bajaj Finserv now has over 120,000 online and offline partners spread across 2,900+ cities. This makes it much easier for you to shop at your preferred store using No Cost EMIs. If you don’t already have a Bajaj Insta EMI Card, check your pre-approved offer and apply for one right away.

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