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The fact about laser hair removal is still widely unknown among the public as the information about the peculiarities of the method is rather vague and not very clear. 

Laser hair removal is a high in demand medical treatment process that has the ultimate aim of removing undesired hair by using a laser light. This method called selective photothermolysis reacts to the pigment (melanin) in the hair follicles. Small amounts of the laser’s light energy is absorbed by the melanin then is converted to heat that causes destruction of hair follicles hence hindering hair production. 

 How Lasers are used to Remove Hair 

This ability to target is due to the preciseness of laser hair removal that those dark, coarse hairs can be destroyed while the skin surrounding these hairs is least affected. It is most useful to individuals with comparatively lighter skins and darker hair, but due to newer technologies in lasers the effectiveness is broader in the scale. 


Laser hair removal has its own benefits; whether done at a professional center or at home using home-use laser hair removal, one is guaranteed the following benefits: 

Laser hair removal is a very fast process. It is very speedy and safe and each pulse of the laser lasts for a few seconds at most and can eliminate the hairs of several persons. In the best case, the small area, let’s for example the upper lip, can be done in less than a minute while in the worst case could take up to an hour if it is a large area, say the back or the legs. More often, patients notice improvement after three to seven sessions, with considerable hair loss. Your dermatologist in Karachi can provide you with further information according to your case.

 Hair Growth Cycles and Multiple Sessions 

 Due to the fact that hair growth cycles are not continuous, it is necessary to make multiple sessions to treat the majority of hair in the growth stage. Laser hair removal though has its advantages, it also has its drawbacks such as the color of skin and hair and side effects. 

Considerations and Side Effects 

Typical unwanted effects are experienced, which are mainly localized and manifested as occasional pain, erythema and oedema. Side effects that are seen in a few patients may include: Skin-peeling, skin scarring and skin color change. To enhance opportunity for an effective treatment, it is recommended not to expose the decided area to the sun, pluck hair, wax or undergo electrolysis for at least six weeks prior to the treatment. 

Aftercare for Optimal Results

Post-treatment care involves protecting the treated area from the sun, using soothing lotions or creams to reduce discomfort, and attending all scheduled sessions. Following these guidelines helps achieve the best possible outcome and long-term hair reduction.

Laser hair removal offers a long-term solution to unwanted hair, for people who are experiencing significant hair reduction after completing their treatment sessions. It remains a popular choice due to its effectiveness, precision, and convenience. To get a laser hair removal visit a best Dermatologist in Lahore if you are in the area!

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