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There is no denying the fact that our kids rely on the internet to learn, shop, interact with their friends, and play games whether or not we want them to. However, what they fail to realize is that there are also several identity thieves, predators, and others intruders online who may try to harm them. 

In this digital age, internet availability is too widespread that it is now beyond impossible to fully restrict internet access. It’s best to set mutually acceptable rules to help your kids use the internet optimally. Here’s a list of tips to help you get started!

Ensure Responsible Online Conduct

Kids usually use the internet such as Cox cable internet to do research. However, they should be aware of the fact that just because everything is available online, it doesn’t necessarily mean all the information is accurate. They must know how to verify the information. If they do not, teach them how they can compare data to alternative sources. 

While enabling ‘Privacy’ and ‘Security’ settings on internet-connected devices is necessary, you cannot afford to neglect their online interactions. At times, your kids will stumble upon adult content online even if you already have blocked all inappropriate sites. This is the primary reason why it is important to teach them beforehand that such content exists. Apart from that, let them know the purpose behind it. Certainly, it is not a good idea to avoid the topic. If you do so, this will only make your kid more curious.

Set Internet Usage Rules

As a parent, you need to communicate to your kids that no personal information should be shared on the internet. On top of that, let them know they need to be a bit cautious while using digital devices.

A surefire way to protect them from online scams is to set the rule that the children will have to ask permission to go online or use a device. Just as they cannot step out of the house without your permission, they shouldn’t be allowed to use social media platforms without your consent. Another thing you need to ensure is that your kids indulge in online activities under your supervision.

Keep the Computer in a Living Room

If you have recently bought a home computer for your kids, consider keeping it in a living room or some other common area. By putting the desktop in the central position of the house, you can minimize the chance that they’ll respond to strangers’ messages. 

For more mature teens, you may give them the freedom to use the laptop wherever they want. Just let them know you’ll be there for them if they encounter a problem online. When they have the freedom to use TV and internet packages, they will realize that you trust them. However, you could restrict some inappropriate content by reaching out to internet customer support via Spectrum chat.

Encourage Your Kids to Reach Out to You If They Run into a Problem

It’s a good idea to restrict kids from accessing the internet 24/7. If surfing the web is something you and your kids do together, it will be exciting and fun at first. But as your kids grow up, they will start using the internet on their own to look up study materials or complete their assignments. This is why it’s crucial to give them the confidence that they can reach out to you if they experience anything negative.

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No matter how hard you try, your child is likely to get into trouble online. This is when you’ll want them to come to you instead of hiding it. Parents should be aware of the fact that the internet is not a safe place for kids and they could accidentally come across a bad site with inappropriate content, even if they’re following your guidelines.

All in All…

Parents must keep an eye on what their kids browse online. If you find them accessing websites they shouldn’t be going through, don’t make the mistake of yelling at them as this will drive them to watch inappropriate content in secret. 

Children are naturally curious, hence, they want to know about everything, especially about things that are considered taboo. You can make the most of this sort of situation to discuss how such content is harmful to them. Be clear on what sort of behavior you expect from them, but as a parent, you need to be realistic in your expectations.

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