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Have you ever had to spread the word about a fantastic product or service? This is the point at which WOM recommendations become your company’s new favourite marketing superpower! Every trade or service business needs word-of-mouth advertising because satisfied clients can refer their friends and family to you. When they work, WOM recommendations boost your authority and engagement, provide free advertising, and aid in developing your brand’s positioning as a trades or services company.

We all know that a personal connection influences buying behaviour, so incorporating this innovative method into your trade or services company and knowing how to execute it effectively can give you the boost you need to increase sales.

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You may require business insurance if you operate a small business with workers or are a self-employed tradesperson.

However, trade insurance is available to any self-employed individual who works in a trade, such as a plumber, electrician, tiler, or builder.

Depending on your needs and those of your firm, a specialised business insurance policy for tradespeople can include various cover options.

You can customize a policy to the unique risks facing your company and add additional coverage levels and forms. You can purchase policies to protect you if you’re working alone or have a team of staff. 

The Advantages of Word-of-Mouth Referrals


Building consumer trust may take some initial effort, but the outcomes are worthwhile!

Consumers trust recommendations from individuals they know. Therefore, if they were introduced to you from a dependable source, new clients for your trades or services company will have more trust in your ability to deliver.


Credibility is a big benefit of WOM referrals, and it can help you develop your brand as a proprietor of a trades or services organization. Similar to trust, when consumers hear about your company from someone they trust, it makes the message more credible. Customers are less inclined to believe paid marketing messages are genuine because they presume the messages will be persuasive attempts to make them engage with your business.

Customer Retention

Referrals for your trades or services company frequently result in more devoted clients, improving customer retention rates, and initiating a cascading referral impact. Customers who are referred to businesses are less likely to go elsewhere than other customers.

The first stage in keeping consumers is to satisfy them. This increases your chances of them referring you to further clients. 

Boosts WOM

Customers’ recommendations help spread word of mouth about your business, which facilitates scaling. It’s a terrific approach to get in touch with a lot of people who you might not typically market to.

Referrals can also help your trades or services company’s target market by enabling WOM. When chatting about new goods and services, a brand is brought up. As the brand is presented to highly qualified and specifically targeted leads, this frequently results in a targeted audience.

Low Cost

Referrals are a cheap approach to promoting your trades or services business instead of the more traditional marketing tactics, which can quickly become pricey. There are no direct costs associated with customers simply exchanging experiences in the marketplace. Customers you have already established a good relationship with can be a fantastic asset to your trades or services firm and can support your offline marketing plan.

The Disadvantages of Word-of-Mouth Referrals

Less Control

Since WOM depends on the good or bad experiences of your consumers, referral marketing implies you have no control over the brand messaging. This might cause issues with how your trades or services company is positioned because happy customers may tout you as the most reasonable and cost-effective option while you’re actually striving for a luxury, high-end position in your market.

Customer goodwill (and memory!) are required for reviews. WOM is essentially a product of chance, and there are numerous things, including fear and uncertainty, that can make a consumer lose the motivation to bring you new clients for your crafts or services firm. Unfortunately, your clients may not always be considering you. Even your most devoted clients are capable of forgetting to recommend you to others!

Consumer Reports Versus Actual Results

With WOM referrals, it might be challenging to manage consumer expectations because each customer’s experience with your product or service will be unique. Different client expectations may improve or detract from their experience, which may result in positive or unfavourable word-of-mouth (WOM).

Maintaining the Buzz

A new product or service’s initial buzz eventually fades over time. Once the excitement fades, consumers’ interest in and familiarity with your business’s goods or services also ends. The likelihood that your clients will fully comprehend the history of your brand through various channels is reduced if you rely on word-of-mouth marketing alone.

Longer than Average

WOM referrals are typically cost-effective, but they take some effort to set up properly. After creating a reputation and fostering a relationship with your clients, ask them to “return the favour” by referring clients to your crafts or services company. But if you poll clients too quickly, they can get a false picture of your company.

Results Evaluation Is Difficult

It might be challenging to pinpoint whether business benefits resulted from WOM because WOM typically occurs during casual talks between consumers. To determine how new customers learn about a company, corporations typically undertake brand awareness surveys, watch sales data, or employ POS enquiries, but this isn’t always feasible for trade and services organizations.

How can I Use Referral Marketing to Gain New Clients?

WOM shouldn’t be the main source of marketing for your trades or services business because its efficacy is considerably harder to gauge than those of other conventional marketing strategies. In addition to WOM referrals, other tactics must be implemented.

By creating tools that make it simple for customers to recommend your shop or service to others, you can maximize the effectiveness of word-of-mouth referrals. Online discussion boards, tools for gathering input, and an increase in your social media presence are some examples of this.

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