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Building your brand requires an investment, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to spend money when your budget is tight. Instead of investing cash, you can invest your time in a campaign that will help you connect with consumers. In fact, there are many free and low-cost ways you can build positive brand recognition and expand your business brand.

Keep Publishing New Blog Posts

If you don’t consistently create new content for your website’s blog, you’ll see a drop in site visits and consumers will ultimately forget about your brand. For this reason, you should create a strict schedule for creating new content for your blog readers to consume. Whether you post text, videos, or a mix of content, your followers should be able to rely on new posts from you on a regular basis. Ideally, you should publish new posts two to three times per week at a minimum. If you know you’ll miss a day, try to let your followers know in advance. This will save them from having to search your site, and they will see that you appreciate their support.

Use Digital Marketing to Connect With Consumers

You should regularly use some type of digital marketing to help you grow support for your brand. This doesn’t necessarily require using PPC advertising, which can become quite costly. Instead, use a variety of other forms of marketing. For example, you can use affordable SMS marketing services to send out text alerts to your customers. Emails can alert customers to new products and upcoming sales. Boosted posts on social media sites can help more users discover your brand’s public pages.

Appear as a Guest on Podcasts

You’ll help more online consumers discover your brand by appearing as a guest on podcast shows that are relevant to your business. You might also enjoy the experience enough to start your own podcast. To get started as a guest, look for relevant podcasts and pitch ideas for discussions on their shows. The hosts of podcasts will want to know you’ll bring in something interesting that their guests will enjoy. As you get your first guest invitations, you’ll have opportunities to generate interest in your brand among those diverse audiences. Be sure you’re prepared for each podcast and don’t forget to share your website address and social media handles. You’ll want to make it easy for listeners to find you after each show.

Live Stream Your Public Events

When you do have a little more money to invest in marketing, you might decide to host a public event. You can set up a contest or cookout in your business’ parking lot, or you might decide to partner with a local charity. Regardless of the type of event you intend to organize, you can make a bigger impact by live streaming it online. Be sure to alert your social media followers that the event will be streamed live. Let them know where they can watch the stream and provide the start and finish times for the event. This will help you generate online interest in the event, and it may lead to participation from more consumers in your community.

Maintain an Active Social Media Presence

Whether you’re trying to build a brand from scratch or you want to improve brand recognition for your business, you will need to start with social media. As you get started, invite your family and friends to follow you. Be sure to ask them to each recommend your brand to their followers. You should also join groups and follow pages that are related to your business’ field of interest. Be sure to actively participate in those groups so the other users will become familiar with your brand. This is the best way to attract followers who will actually interact with the posts on your brand’s page. As your following grows, you should see an increase in interaction. If you’re not seeing that increase, you either need to find more users who are active or create more engaging posts that your followers will find interesting.

Conclusion to Expand Your Business Brand

Keep looking for new opportunities to expose your brand to the public. Any marketing effort can help you build a recognizable brand image. Once you start seeing a growing interest in your brand, you’ll find that it will be easier to keep up that momentum.

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