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Are you ready to encounter some of the benefits of the on-demand multi-service app? The blog includes multiple advantages of developing and launching an app like Gojek. Why should you read them? Well, these On-demand Apps benefits make the purchase decision more convenient. Once you know all the benefits, you won’t feel that you’re investing in the wrong solution or it’s not worth your efforts. 

Top Advantages of launching the Gojek Clone app 

Listed below are the top benefits of launching the on-demand multi-service app. Take a careful read of all the benefits so that you can make the right purchase decision. 

Benefits to customers 

  • Allows customers with smartphones (Android or iPhone) to directly book a service without having to go to the store or shop, physically. 
  • Even if the customers don’t have a smartphone, they can still call the business directly and make a booking. 
  • Your customers can access 82+ on-demand services right from a single application. 
  • It offers call masking features that allow customers and providers to communicate without worrying about privacy issues. 
  • Customers can switch to their preferred language on the app and browse the services exhaustively! 

Benefits to the business 

  • An app like Gojek can transform your business into a brand by offering 82+ on-demand services. 
  • Allows the business to collect feedback from the customers, review them, and finally implement the improvements. 
  • Generate attractive revenues from commission per service or membership subscription plans. 
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On-demand App Features That Deliver the Best Benefits 

Here, we mention some of the features of the on-demand multi-service app. Take a look at them to understand their importance and how they benefit the business. 

  1. Licensed source code 

You get a lifetime licensed source code for one domain at no additional cost. It means that no one can ever steal your code or copy it! Your app will remain theft-free. 

  1. Responsive application 

The designed and coded app is responsive. That means the application can easily run across multiple divides and platforms of the different operating systems – Windows, Android, or iOS. 

  1. Multiple payment options 

Allows your customers to choose their preferred payment method – cash or online. Customers can choose to pay online via in-app wallet balance or directly via credit card. 

  1. Real-time tracking 

An app like Gojek allows customers to track the location of the service providers in real time on the pre-integrated map. Live tracking also shows the estimated time of arrival to the customers. 

  1. In-app push notifications 

The graphically represented notifications show the current and updated status of the service to the customers. In short, customers need not open the application again and again to check the status of the service. You can watch anime from simply a weeb website.

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Where to Find the Best Clone App Script? 

Are you on the hunt to find the best Gojek Clone script? If yes, then, here is the perfect checklist you should check out. 

  • Find a white-labeling firm that has 10 years of experience in the industry. 
  • Ensure they have launched more than 1200 pre-built apps. 
  • The technology stack used is robust and includes the topmost programming languages, tools, and software. 
  • They should have video testimonials of their clients on the website. 
  • Part-payment should be available. 
  • Lifetime licensed source code at no additional cost

Another important step to finding the right app like Gojek is to take the free demo app trial. Taking the trial is important because it helps to understand the workflow of the app. Moreover, the entrepreneur can easily determine if the app is a fit for them or not. 

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In conclusion: 

To launch an app like Gojek, you have to carefully do your research and then invest in the same. Hope that these advantages helped you to make the right decision. If you are ready to make the purchase, don’t wait! Get started with app development today and become a successful entrepreneur in 1 to 2 weeks!

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