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Sports lovers just love sports no matter what. There are some sports that they love and enjoy more than others, but athletes and players usually enjoy and love all kinds of sports because it keeps them fit and healthy. 

There are different sports that are liked and loved by different countries, but some of them are just universal, liked, loved, and played by everyone equally around the globe. You can stay updated on them by US score coverage. Here are the seven most favorite sports of all time ranked by fans. 


Soccer, or field football, is one of the most sought-out sports in the world. The fame of FIFA, the football World Cup, speaks for itself. Everyone is invested to their core in any football match, especially the inter-county matches. There are two teams in this game, and the team that scores the most goals wins. Each team has eleven players and a goalkeeper. The role of the goalkeeper is to stop the opponent from scoring any goal. Messi and Ronaldo are some of the best-known players of this game. 


Cricket is also a global game loved by many countries. Asian countries have special representation in this game as it is liked and loved more than soccer in Asian countries like Pakistan and India. The Cricket World Cup is also a very famous event in the world. 

Field Hockey

After cricket, field hockey is also a game that is loved by sports lovers. This game is more or less the same as football, except it requires its players to use hockey sticks to score a goal, and it uses a smaller ball


It is usually a two-player or multiplayer game that is enjoyed by many. There are many international tennis tournaments that happen worldwide. The name of this sport is after the name of the ball used to play this game which is the tennis ball. 


On position fifth, we have volleyball which is loved by millions of people around the world. It is usually played on the beaches and open grounds. 

Table Tennis

Table tennis is different from the rest of the games because it falls more on the indoor games side. It falls on number 6 in terms of being fans’ favorite. There are small wooden racquets and a small ball that both players play with on a table. There is a nest along the center of the table that decides the goal. The player who scores the most goals wins. 


Lastly, on number seven, we have baseball. Baseball matches are also loved by many and often booked by families to watch together. The style of the game is essentially similar to that of cricket, but the rules are quite different for both games. There is a baseball bat, and the hitter hits the ball with the bat and runs to get some score. He can also score a homerun by sending the ball out of the court.

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